domingo, 19 de abril de 2020

Material para repasar inglés

Here you have some material to review and practice English:

1. Recursos de Oxford, con cuentos, juegos y canciones para todos los niveles. !Muy recomendable!

2. Página del British Council para aprender inglés: Temas en inglés, canciones, cuentos y juegos online. !Muy completo!

3. Página con vocabulario, ejercicios de todos los niveles, vídeos., lecturas, audiolibros.. Muy buena! 

4. En youtube, canciones favoritas, escribir el nombre de la canción y lyrics, para leer la letra y cantar a la vez. 

Estos son algunos recursos muy útiles para aprender inglés. También es ver la TV en inglés , que os ayudará a coger la musicalidad del idioma y aprender expresiones y el idioma en sí. 

Best regards, 

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domingo, 5 de abril de 2020

Easter Holidas

Dear kids, 

I wish you wonderful holidays, with lots of games, rest, talking to your relatives and friends... 

I send you this link: You can listen to some stories, watch some videos, practice your English...  You can also sing your favourite songs in English , watch your favourite movies in this language.. And above all: Keep good and healthy! 

A huge hug for you, 


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domingo, 29 de marzo de 2020

Organization Week 3oth March to 3rd April.

Dear kids,
I have prepared the activities for the week starting on Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April.
Please, start the activities going to the blog page of Day 1. ( It is below ).You can see Day 4, below day 3, day 2 and day1. Start in day 1.
Thank you. Take care.

Day 4. Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April ( Start in day 1)

day 4 ( start in day 1 below)

Let's have fun, watching Mr Bean learning judo . Do the quiz after you watch the video:

To review the simple past, send me  a picture of this exercise  done by you to my email: To do this: Press Control Key and Impr pa at the same time. then cut and paste it  on a word document Save it as "Past simple" and then send it to me. 

To finish here you have some 10  good riddles:

DAY 3 Week 30th March-3rd April

Hi everyone Here you have some questions Practice saying.: 

Yes, I did
No, I didn't

QUESTIONS USING PAST SIMPLE: Read  and do the game below. 


Did you have fun with your friends?
Where did you go for your last holiday?
What did you watch on TV last night?


Use ‘did’ and the verb, but don’t change the verb to the past form!
Did you have a nice weekend?
What did you learn at school yesterday?
When did you see the film?

Be careful!

We usually add time words at the end.
Did you play a game yesterday?
What did you have for dinner last night?
Did you visit LearnEnglish Kids last week?
Simple past questions: press GAME


Day 2: Week from the 30th March to the 2nd April

Exercises to review simple past:

Watch this video, fill it with the right verb tense and send me the last page with your mark pasted to

The exercises you do online: Please, paste them and copy them to a word file once you have finished them, so that I can see your results. Send them to my e.mail , thank you
( To paste  them: press control and print page at the same time). Then open a word file and press paste it ( control  + v ) at the same time. 

To finish , here you have some riddles:


Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing a lot of different activities these days, and you keep busy and entertained.

I am going to give your tasks for this week. We are going to review the use of the simple past, and get immerse in the English language.

Remember , appart from these activities, you should watch TV in English at least for 15 minutes everyday: The more you listen in English , the better. You could also try to watch your favourite series in English. You will hear the real voice of your favourite characters!

Please, send me the activities I request to my email: 
Thank you!

Day 1

You can  listen to this story in English, and answer to my questions:



1. Who are the main characters?
2. What did Peterson bring Holmes?
3. What did Peterson find in the goose?
4. Who won the goose in a Chirstmas raffle?
5, Who stole the jewel?
6. What happened to him? Did he go to prison ?

To finish , here you have some jokes to enjoy: